What’s short, round, and quite dumbfounded by the short bursts of air emitting from its behind that shoot him across the yard? No…. not your little brother. That’s just silly. Squeaks of course! This blue and purple four-legged creature is the perfect pet to have as your companion. Amazingly quick and very intelligent it will eat your dad’s slippers, lick the mysterious goop from your best friend’s ears, and clean all the crumbs off the floor. Just one word of warning – don’t let him lick your teeth because that’s just gross.


Favorite food: Muffins, cookies, milk, and whatever Teddy has growing in his ears

Favorite hangouts: His front yard chasing butterflies

Best friends: Billy Molskin, Teddy Franks, and Wendy Breeze

Favorite color: As soon as we figure out how to talk to a Squeaker we will let you know

Favorite chew toy: Dr. Molskin’s slippers

squeaks new.png