Blaster Brothers

What can you say about Pud and Pod Blaster? Somewhere beyond the stench of Battle Ball sweat, and breath that could knock out a peyuma, lies two characters who are nothing short of the worst. If you are having a bad day, plan on Pud and Pod being there to make it even worse. A real class act, the Blaster Brothers are sure to get on your nerves quickly. The good news? Pud is the smart one; and he’s two Luminians shy of a duet.


They like to go by the name Blaster Brothers, but to the bullied NuLu they terrorize, they are known as the PP Brothers.


Favorite sport: Battle ball and picking on smaller NuLu

Favorite hangouts: Locker room and any location that provides a good bully position

Best friends: Each other and their fists

Favorite books: Uhh… what’s a book?

Favorite subject: Uhh… what’s a subject?